Removing Wall paper from Plaster walls | wall paper removal

Removing Wall paper from Plaster walls   1. Cover the Floor In my youthful exuberance, I forgot to remove the baseboard and cover the tile floor with newspaper. I later learned that was a big mistake. Both the baseboard and tile had intricate carvings that quickly became encased in bits of old wallpaper. I didn’t read more

Wax Bleed

Wax Bleed Stains that come from waxy substance in the reconstituted wood products used to make hardboard siding. When the substrate is painted, these staining substances bleed through the paint; they can even bleed through some ordinary primers, possibly causing dirt pickup, mildew and/or poor paint adhesion (see Dirt Pickup and Mildew). Possible Causes Wax read more

Tannin Staining Paint

Tannin Staining Brownish or tan discoloration on the paint surface due to migration of tannins from the substrate through the paint film. Typically occurs on “staining woods,” such as redwood, cedar and mahogany, or over painted knots in certain other wood species. Possible Causes Tannin Staining Paint Failure to adequately prime and seal the surface read more

Surfactant Leaching

Surfactant Leaching Concentration of water-soluble ingredients on latex paint, creating a blotchy, sometimes glossy appearance, often with a tan or brownish cast. More likely with tinted paints than with white or factory-colored paints. Possible Causes Surfactant Leaching Painting in cool, humid conditions or just before they occur. The longer drying time allows the paint’s water-soluble read more

Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion

Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion Paint that has lost its adhesion to a galvanized metal substrate. Possible Causes Improper surface preparation, such as inadequate rust removal. Failure to apply a primer before application of an oil-based or vinyl latex paint. Failure to sand baked-on enamel finishes or glossy surfaces before painting. Solution Any rust on the read more

Poor Alkali Resistence

Poor Alkali Resistence Color loss and overall deterioration of paint film on fresh masonry. Possible Causes Oil-based paint or vinyl acrylic latex paint was applied to new masonry that has not cured for a full year. Fresh masonry is likely to contain lime which is very alkaline. Until the lime has a chance to react read more

Poor Paint Gloss Retention

Poor Paint Gloss Retention Deterioration of the paint film, resulting in excessive or rapid loss of luster of the top coat. Possible Causes Use of an interior paint outdoors. Use of a lower quality paint. Use of a gloss alkyd or oil-based paint in areas of direct sunlight. Solution Direct sunshine can degrade the binder read more

Peeling Paint

Peeling Loss of paint due to poor adhesion. Where there is a primer and top coat, or multiple coats of paint, peeling may involve some or all coats. Possible Causes Seepage of moisture through uncaulked joints, worn caulk or leaks in roof or walls. Excess moisture escaping through the exterior walls (more likely if paint read more