Dirt Pickup Paint

Dirt Pickup Paint

Accumulation of dirt, dust particles and/or other debris on the paint film;
may resemble mildew.

Possible Causes Dirt Pickup paint

Use of a low quality paint, especially lower grades of satin or
Soil splashing onto siding.
Air pollution, car exhaust and flying dust collecting on house body and horizontal trim.

Solution Dirt Pickup paint

Wash off all surface dirt before priming and painting, using a scrub brush and detergent solution, followed
by a thorough rinsing with a garden hose. Heavier dirt accumulations may require the use of a power
washer. While dirt pickup can’t be eliminated entirely, top quality exterior latex paints typically offer
superior dirt pickup resistance and washability. Also, higher gloss paints are more resistant to dirt pickup
than flat paints, which are more porous and can

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